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experience authentication. provides a single account for arbitrary webthings. this service is mostly intended for webthings made by me (citrons).

it is quite easy to integrate into your own services. it is however pertinent that you understand that you do so at your own risk! I make no guarantees of the security and integrity of this service. upon comprehending this, you can use the API to incorporate the account system into your webthing (or non-webthing).

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privacy policy retains your supplied account details, such as your email and username. it also may output your IP address into a random log file. no data other than this (such as usage patterns, etc) is collected.

in the event that "hacker" is "able t0 get [my] database credentials and extract [my] entire database and m0ve the informati0n t0 an offshore server", they might be able to send you mean emails. oh no.

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